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Trade Contractors Unite:
Conquering App-ageddon!

Calling all trade contractors - How can we navigate through the thousands of construction apps to find solutions made for us? Trade contractors track time, money, and information from a different lens than a General Contractor. Unfortunately, trade contractors are being underserved by the vast majority of solutions. That is why Autodesk invested in eSUB Construction Software, a field data collection, labor productivity, and operations platform exclusively focused on the needs of trade contractors. Join us for an engaging discussion on why trade contractors need a system made for how we work, not how the GCs work.

Discussion topics include:

    • What are the unique challenges that Trade Contractors face when managing projects?
    • How does a large Trade Contractor manage their vast set of requirements and technology ecosystem?
    • What must technology vendors do to address the needs of Trade Contractors?
    • The advantages and disadvantages of adopting best of breed solutions
    • Questions from you - Email [email protected] to pre-submit your questions for our panelists



    Alan Bretschneider

    IT Director, Pacific Rim Mechanical


    Josh Cheney

    Industry Manager - Construction Technology Autodesk


    Wendy Rogers

    President and CEO, eSUB Construction Software

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